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Traveling Internationally with an Infant – Not as Hard as You Might Think

This June, we decided to embark on an adventure with our four-month-old and we crossed the Atlantic to visit Grandma, Auntie, and a few cousins in Bulgaria. The prospect of this trip scared the hell out of us. So, figured…


The Positive Truth About Parenting

The three most important things in life (IMO) are: Love yourself Love your family Stay Positive Years ago, I couldn’t stand it when people would tell me, “You need to love yourself before you can love others.” I was also…


The Feeding of Maya – A Cluster (f***) Feeding Experience

My amazingly incredible daughter was born a month ago. (Not) coincidently, that’s about the time my wife’s last full night of sleep occurred as well. As many of you know, I have two older boys in their late teens. I…


Missing Child – A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Sidenote: I previously published this on my regular blog https://jasonstadtlander.com to which the operators of King Richard’s Faire responded and I am grateful to attend locations like this where the owners take the status of children seriously. Thank you King…


Intimate Moments and Partners Feeling The Baby Move

NOTE: This post contains adult intimacy topics. In my opinion, creating a new person is a truly magical and awe-inspiring process. Yes, it’s also painful, aggravating, and at times, very overwhelming. We are now down to just a couple weeks…


A Pregnancy Baby Journal – Not Just a Mom Thing

Pregnancy journals are nothing new. It’s been recommended for decades. It helps you mentally and emotionally to connect with your child-to-be. As a father who will not have a life growing inside them, this is very important in my opinion.…


The Secret Recipe for Being a Good Dad: Be Present

Growing up, we did a lot of things. We went to Disney World, we went camping, and we did a huge trip where we traveled around the United States in my mid-teens. Of all the things we did, what sticks…


Our First Friendsgiving – Giving New Meaning to a 400 Year Tradition

Aside from my children, my nearest relative lives almost eight hundred miles away. My wife’s family lives four thousand miles away. So, getting together for Thanksgiving (especially when you’re six months pregnant) is not always easy. This year, my ex-wife…


Toilets and the Childhood Fear of the Flush

My son is a teenager now, but not that long ago he was six years old and in kindergarten. One day in particular sticks out in my mind. My son had a fear of toilets, it had been an ongoing…


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