About Me

Hello there! I’m Jason, aka: Dad or Dadda.

I live in the Boston area and currently have two teenage boys a brand new little girl (as of February 2023). So, I’m a little late jumping into writing a blog about fatherhood, but I figured better late than never.

I’m a novelist and I have also written for the Huffington Post as well as a few magazines. I’ve been a writer pretty much all my life, so eventually writing a blog about being a father and modern man seems like a pretty natural progression. My kids love to joke that every time I meet someone I say “Hi, I’m Jason, I’m an author.” So I felt I had to get that out in the first two paragraphs just to poke fun at them. The truth is, if they knew how much work went into writing a book, they would brag about it too. Haha!

Here’s a little backstory about me: I would imagine most fathers think their kids are amazing, but I really am constantly amazed by my kids. Don’t get me wrong, they irritate me like crazy sometimes, but that is kind of par for the course. I’m sure I irritate them as well. Regardless, I have never known a love like the love of a child until now and I will do anything to help my children.

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